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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or Online/Internet Marketing is a new process of marketing through digital platforms like mobiles, laptops, desktops, internets and other digital channels. Many Online Marketing or Digital Marketing experts are very much appreciated that Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is a new path of approaching consumers and making things understandable to the customers

Digital Marketing in generally depends on online promotion through different digital channels. Internet marketing is divided into two parts. Those are company and consumer. Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing are the way to promote products and services through digital channels like email, sms, social media etc.

Working principle of Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is old way of marketing whereas Digital Marketing is new way of Marketing. Many organizations are required for developing the marketing relationship with the help of leads, consumers and prospects. Nowadays, the Traditional Marketing tactics are replaced by Digital Marketing. For that replacement, many consumers are attracted to the products with the help of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Platforms




Search Engine Optimization is a platform for practicing the quantity and quality incensement in their website. SEO has three parts for processing traffic. They are traffic quality, traffic quantity and organic results. Traffic quality is highly suitable for attracting the consumers into the product’s advertisement. If consumers are seriously interested in that offer, then he/she will enter into that advertisement.



With the help of PPC Advertising , Internet users can reach a huge number of paid ads. PPC campaigns can be set with the help of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Pinterest, Bing etc. Demographic characteristics will be very helpful for PPC campaigns through internet. The most famous PPC programs are generated through facebook and Google ads. It is the most powerful and easiest method for securing targeted traffic in a particular website. Naturally it is a process of targeting customers for creating more traffic in that particular website. For each click, an amount was generated and it will credit to the advertiser’s account. PPC has one of the popular parts. They are advertisement of search engine as well as placement of search engine

Social Media


Online Media Marketing or Social Media Marketing is one of the easiest marketing processes in our daily life. Online sites, forums and blogs are very productive for creating awareness through the sites. It will be dependable on marketing platforms as well as business visibility platforms. 90% marketers are sure that online or Digital Marketing is highly dependable on that social media platform. That’s why social media platform is highly occupied by digital marketers and their online sites. Services of social media as well as online media will give the responsibility as well as possibility for connecting the information of products, brands or services. Results and expectations of social media will reflect on the numbers of likes, loves, comments, tweets, re-tweets, views, shares etc. Basically online marketers are generated many content with the help of facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


Content is the main body of any Digital Marketing Channel or that type of platform. For that reason, it will depend upon the product of its services. Content is basically a general meaning of graphic, video, textual as well as interactive product for their purposes. Valuable content give a valuable product for publishing that product into the online market. When new customers are want to know the main part of any product, and then he or she will go to online market through goggle or other online activities. Methods are important part for generating or growing a business with the help of targeting audience.


Content is very important for any Online Advertisement. Because it has creation, publishing, analyzing, monitoring as well as promoting. In that portion, content has also loyalty, engagement, participation as well as discussion. At last, content has objectives, message and audience, which is important for any online marketing promotion. Contents will generalize a visual impact to the audience about their business and their industry. Also content is very useful for generating the portion in Google for their company’s products as well as their services.

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