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Facebook was launched in 2004 and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with Eduardo Saveriv, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Facebook is considered as one of the big five along with tech Giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Google.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is an important part of Social Media Marketing. It is really popular among digital marketers who love running ads as it is cost effective. The first question that comes to your mind is why should you consider Facebook ads? Let's take a brief look:-
Large number of daily and active users
We all know that Facebook has billions of users and most of them use Facebook everyday. Facebook has an average of 1.8 billion monthly users with 1.2 billion of them being active daily users. 1.7 billion users use their mobile for accessing Facebook. So from here we can get an idea that Facebook is being used by people daily. The average amount of time people spend on Facebook everyday is 17 minutes. This shows us that we can get a large number of audiences for our specific niche.

Facebook Makes Audience Targeting Easy and Specific
Another major benefit of Facebook is that Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. It targets specific audiences. Facebook knows what kind of people you follow, what kind of food you like and also the places you have visited.Basically,it shows that they know your age, gender, email and even your preferences. As a marketer your goal should be to target your specific and relevant audience so as to grow your business and also develop your brand. Like for me, I am a watercolor artist so my relevant audience are people who are actively searching or thinking of becoming watercolor artists. The amount of targeting options is huge and you will be amazed at how effective it is.

Facebook is Cost Effective and Cheap

One of the best parts of Facebook marketing is that ads are cost-effective. I have seen that the customer acquisition cost from Facebook is much lower compared to other channels. But that can be domain-specific as well. But in general, it is much cheaper.

Helps to Create Brand Awareness, Drives Traffic and Increase Sales

While choosing your marketing objective, you can select various options from your ad dashboard that is if you want brand awareness or want to drive traffic to your website or generate sales. Since targeting is specific you can search and target the audience according to your niche or your demand. It all depends on what type of campaign you want and what works for you.

Facebook Remarketing
Facebook also helps in remarketing. Suppose I want a Divi theme for my wordpress website, so I went to the website, checked the prices and themes that are of my interest but I did not purchase anything and closed the website. Now, when I will login to my Facebook account it will show me Divi theme related advertisements. Facebook Remarketing allows you to advertise your products to recent website visitors. It is a great way to re-engage your audience and drive them to generate conversions.

Little insight on Facebook Ads
Now, Facebook ads are huge and vast. It will take hours and hours if we go into every minute detail so here I will show you a little insight as to how to set up your ad and run it.

Note:- Choosing the campaign objective is extremely important. Facebook offers you a lot of options such as brand awareness, reach, app installs etc. But the most popular ones are traffic, reach, video views, lead generation, brand awareness etc. There is a term known as 'funnels' in Digital Marketing. So whenever you want new customers for your business it goes through different cycles. First is the "awareness", then comes the "consideration" and then comes the "conversion". So, basically first you have to make people aware of your product or services then you will have to drive them to your website to get their email id or other. Finally comes the final objective that is conversion for generating sales.

Conclusion, I hope you understand the basics of Facebook Ads. It's all about what works for you and what kind of audience you want for your business. Facebook has its own Al, own data tracking method and data collection. Every business has a Facebook page but running ads increases the reach of that business a lot. Facebook can help you to reach out to all the people who matter the most effectively and efficiently. Using Facebook Insights you can easily get an idea about what your audience prefers easily

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