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Pay Per Click (PPC) means you are charged on the basis of the clicks that accrue on your ads that you have created through your Google Ads account.
People often get confused between PPC that is pay per click and CPC that is cost per click. CPC is the amount that you set which you are willing to pay for each click on your ad. It is determined while creating the ad groups. Both PPC (pay per click) and CPC (cost per click) are similar concepts but PPC is a specific advertising approach while CPC is a performance metric.

The most common type of PPC Advertising is Google Ads. It allows advertisers to make their ad appear above organic search results.

There are three networks of Google mainly

Popularly there are four segments of PPC ads:-

Search ads- These are the most common form of ads you will see in the search engine result page. It mainly appears on the top with the word 'ad' written beside the display link in green which indicates paid or sponsored advertisements.

Display ads- These type of ads are shown on Google's display partner (smallseotools)and typically includes a photo and text.

Social Media PPC ads- As the name suggests, the type of PPC ads appearing on social media platforms to connect with social media users are social media PPC ads. Social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn are used for this purpose.It also includes in stream video ads for YouTube.

Google Shopping- These are another form of paid advertising that mainly appears in carousel format. It allows the users to see the products along with their prices.

It can be a bit confusing as to what it is and how it works! Suppose when I do a search on Google for watercolor brushes there will be a number of ads that will come on the results at the top. Here it is important to note that we are talking about inorganic ads that are paid ads. Once I click on an ad that is in the search engine result page, that company who is running that ad will be charged a specific amount as I have clicked on it. How much we don't know? Once the ad is clicked, it will redirect to what is called a landing page.

Now, if I don't see what I am looking for, that is, if I find makeup brushes instead of watercolor brushes I will click the back button (it is to note here that Google is recording) and if this happens to a bunch of people then every time someone clicks on this particular ad they are going to be charged more per click. Similarly, if I get to that landing page, and I find what I am looking for then I will fill out a form or take the next step that is make a conversion, Google is also recording that, that is if the ad is not misleading and relevant Google will charge this company less per click.

It is important to do Keyword Research for PPC. Before creating a campaign it is necessary to know how much one is willing to spend. If you are using an expensive keyword that is not working well,try to find the reason and solve it accordingly. There can be many reasons as to why it is not working well such as that the ad is misleading ( people are not finding what they are looking for), or the ad is not very good.

While planning ad groups for a campaign it is necessary to take such causes into consideration. A lot of changes can be made into a campaign to bring the costs down. So, just because the bidding is set to maximum costs per click does not mean that the company will be charged that. But the idea is to give the user exactly what they want or what they are looking for. Make sure that when someone clicks on your ad, your ad is describing exactly what you want them to find so that when they click on your ad, they are taken to that exact page. Don’t send them to the front page of your website, send them to the page that discusses what your ad and the keyword has to do with it.

Advertisers love PPC Advertising because it allows them to optimize their marketing strategies to enhance their standard score. This, in turn, increases the ROI or return on investment for your PPC campaigns. By running a targeted PPC campaign , you'll appear within the search results instantly, and attract new customers to your website and increase your sales. To sum it all up, a PPC campaign has the ability to boost your marketing efforts which in turn leads to sales helping the business to prosper.

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