Twitter founded in 2006 is a really popular microblogging website. You can make a tweet with 20 characters and maximum four images. It is very popular and includes news and updates about the latest topic. The twitter trend shows what people are talking about actively taking interest in. It has an average of 326 million monthly users and 145 million of them being daily active users. Many big brands, politicians, celebrities have twitter handles. These brands and public figures have the power to influence their followers.

What is Twitter Marketing?
Twitter Marketing is where business or brands create, publish and share content in the form of tweets. They announce new launches, discount offers and other valuable information with their followers. It comes under social media marketing. Almost every business that wants to promote on social media with Twitter brings one of them. In this regard it is important to understand that “Twitter is interest based targeting”.

How to Generate Traffic on Twitter? According to, twitter is one of the most popular sites on the web. Here I'm going to list down certain points through which you can generate traffic on Twitter.

Frequency : If you have a lot of followers then you should tweet at least 8 to 10 times a day. It makes a huge difference. According to Neil Patel ,when he was sharing one link on Twitter he received roughly 1,100 visitors but after tweeting 10 times a day he received over 4,700 visitors. The difference is huge. From this we can understand that tweeting continuously is important. After all it's all about engagement.If you tweet something and it does not get likes or retweets,you need to understand that it is gone under the hoard of thousands of tweets. But,you should not stop tweeting as frequency is important.

Retweeting : Retweeting your old content is important. It does not matter how many times but it creates engagement.

Creating Interesting and Engaging Content : If you do not have a lot of followers ,it is important to create engaging and interesting content which is likely to be retweeted. It will enhance your reach. It is also important that you promote your website on your tweets but of course not every time. Suppose, you are tweeting four times then you can post your website link on one of those tweets. The link attached can be a blog post or contact page.

Building Networks Social Media Marketing helps greatly in Inbound Marketing. It is important to reach out to people and start a conversation especially on Twitter. It helps in building networks. Tweet something that puts more thought to it that is much more likely to be retweeted Using Twitter ads You can use Twitter ads to promote your business or brand to gain followers and generate traffic. In this case it is important to know that if you are not a big brand standing out on Twitter is going to be difficult. Twitter ads are among the most expensive compared to other social media platforms with a low ROI.

Conclusion, Twitter is just isn't as flexible as other social media platforms so make sure that you have a profile picture along with a banner that represents your brand. So, if you are not working for a big brand ,it won't be of much help. It is useful for specific industries only. It is still pretty prominent because it's a place for sharing news. If you are not working for a big brand then don't go as far as running ads on Twitter as a sales generator or lead generator as it is still not considered a great platform. Instead you can use Twitter to promote highly valuable content or a content that is already super popular with your audience.

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